#TakeASecThursday – Love
⚜️Love is giving someone the power to destroy you & trusting they won't use it.⚜️

Its #TakeASecThursday, be kind to yourself and to pause; For the day that’s in it, lets look at that four-letter word LOVE. What does LOVE mean for you? ❓Is it intrinsic (comes from within you)? ❓Is it extrinsic (comes from external sources to you)? ❓Is it something you give, something you receive, something inside or […]

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#TakeASecThursday – Joy
#TakeASecThursday - Joy yellow boards and woman jumping with umbrella showing joy.

Wait 🖐🏼 Its #TakeASecThursday …. This week, we ask what brings you Joy, real Joy. So let’s consider this together. Joy as a recognized state can be traced clearly to Greek/Roman times and has been described through all ages since as “A feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation […]

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