#TakeASecThursday – Joy
#TakeASecThursday - Joy yellow boards and woman jumping with umbrella showing joy.

Wait 🖐🏼 Its #TakeASecThursday …. This week, we ask what brings you Joy, real Joy. So let’s consider this together. Joy as a recognized state can be traced clearly to Greek/Roman times and has been described through all ages since as “A feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation […]

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#TakeASecThursday – Kindness
#TakeASecThursday Kindness L

Let’s go ✅ its #TakeASecThursday This week we are considering Kindness Here are a couple of questions to rekindle or coach your awareness around ~kindness. Is kindness is something you have tended to take for granted these days?  Is society’s movement towards digitalisation impacting yout opportunity for acts of genuine kindness? When was the last time you said 🙏🏻 ‘#ThankYou’ and were #genuine in its meaning […]

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Green TreeFrog making a decision on direction of travel. #TakeASecThursday

With the pace of life today, quite often the greatest area we neglect each day is ourselves. We will be posting a reflection each Thursday to remind you of your #TakeASecThursday opportunity. On this #TakeASecThursday take a couple of minutes to consider and plan something to do over the weekend to serve you. (yes it’s OK, and healthy to consider […]

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The Complete Listing of Electric Vehicle Supports In Ireland For 2019 (Jan 19 update)
Fueling Battery

In Ireland, contrary to some opinions, there are a large number of incentives and supports to own and use an electric vehicle (Full Electric and Plug-In Hybrid). Some of the confusion around the incentives available arises as the incentivisation comes through different Government departments, namely; Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (D/CCAE) Sustainable Energy […]

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