Driving Full Electric Vehicle in Ireland with CCS Fast Charging – Some positive news in 2018
CCS Combo2 Electric vehicle plug

ESB eCARS have rolled out an upgrade to 50Kw Electric Car Fast Charge network in Ireland over the last weeks – increasing number of CCS Combo 2 connections. The year started this year with 27 CCS combo 2 locations where you could avail of a Fast charge at 50kW, today, that number is up to […]

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Electric Vehicle Jargon Buster
Red Close out of Blah Blah Blah

Electric Vehicle Jargon Buster Able to differentiate your Electric Vehicles between a BEV and PHEV. Understand what these LEV’s everyone is talking about are? Well, there is help at hand. Electric Vehicles and Electro-Mobility is getting more and more confusing as there is an increasing number of Acronyms. Some of this language is new to […]

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