#TakeASecThursday – Resiliance

We have done this before – yes! We have the advantage – Dig Deep and let’s GO!! #TakeASecThursday  Today it’s Resilience Working through in an industry where sales fell by 60% during the last recession (2009-12) taught me the importance of resilience and the key position YOUR MINDSET holds with regard to get up and get going each […]

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#TakeASecThursday – Presence
You are here. #TakeASecThursday

🛑 STOP RIGHT THERE – WHERE ARE YOU!! #TakeASecThursday today is “Presence”So, “Take A Sec” and think about this one:At your last meeting, coffee or catchup were you fully present or were you in just in somebody’s presence? When we are fully present, we are completely engaged, focussed and attentive. The power of this focussed […]

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Green TreeFrog making a decision on direction of travel. #TakeASecThursday

With the pace of life today, quite often the greatest area we neglect each day is ourselves. We will be posting a reflection each Thursday to remind you of your #TakeASecThursday opportunity. On this #TakeASecThursday take a couple of minutes to consider and plan something to do over the weekend to serve you. (yes it’s OK, and healthy to consider […]

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