ESB eCARS have rolled out an upgrade to 50Kw Electric Car Fast Charge network in Ireland over the last weeks – increasing number of CCS Combo 2 connections.

The year started this year with 27 CCS combo 2 locations where you could avail of a Fast charge at 50kW, today, that number is up to 40 CCS combo 2 Electric Car Fast Charge connections.

ESB eCARS have upgraded many sites primarily on the southern and western side of the country.

With the number of Electric Vehicles on the road rising year on year, this reduces one of the challenges many come against when looking to purchase.

Electric Vehicles available in Ireland today (April 2018) that use Combo2 / CCS connection for Electric Car Fast Charge are:

  • BMW i3
  • Citroen
  • Hyundai IONIQ
  • Jaguar iPace
  • VW eUP!
  • VW eGolf

With EU adopting the CCS Combo 2 standard in Oct 2014, many of the new entrants to the Electric Vehicle area are also planning on the use of CCS Combo 2 connection which will be supported with High Power to 350kW in the very near future.

The eCars online map of the charge points is available online at eCars¬†“Click here”

The next challenge will be getting all the “in Vehicle Sat Nav” updated.




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