Electric Vehicle Jargon Buster

Able to differentiate your Electric Vehicles between a BEV and PHEV.

Understand what these LEV’s everyone is talking about are?

Well, there is help at hand.

Electric Vehicles and Electro-Mobility is getting more and more confusing as there is an increasing number of Acronyms.

Some of this language is new to the motoring arena and subject to “I don’t know”.

Some use their knowledge Acronyms to confuse, but we want to change that.

If you come across other related acronyms that are missing, please forward to askme@timesworth.ie and we will include them in the next update. please bear in mind that this is linked to the Irish Market.

Here at Timesworth, we are working to simplify the Electric Vehicle transition. A key part of that is making sure the “lingo” is known to all, and to “bust the jargon” to ensure that YOU can have an informed discussion.


We present – The Electric Vehicle Jargon Buster 


Feel free to share the link with those you know it would benefit.

Download PDF Document from here

Stephen McDonnell

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