Wait 🖐🏼 Its #TakeASecThursday ….

This week, we ask what brings you Joy, real Joy. So let’s consider this together.

Joy as a recognized state can be traced clearly to Greek/Roman times and has been described through all ages since as “A feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation of something good”

So, it’s fair to consider Joy as a clear 2 or 3 levels-up from “happy” on the scale of wellbeing. In a twist, the modern social dictionary (emoji’s) communicate “Joy” and “laugh out loud lol” the same way using the emoji 😂. It’s easy to see how we can feel confusion or short-changed in today’s quick fix society.

With this new awareness, you can understand how modern language undersells the transformational opportunity that Joy possesses, let us use that knowledge as power on #TakeASecThursday to take back control of your positive language.

#TakeASecThursday - Joy 
yellow boards and woman jumping with umbrella showing joy.
#TakeASecThursday – Joy

Let’s consider that description again, take a second and repeat “A feeling of extreme happiness, extreme ….. happiness”

Now, close your eyes and use your #TakeASecThursday time, repeat that sentence with passion.

How does that feel, bet your chest is filling with lightness with the anticipation?

So today on #TakeASecThursday consider Joy 4 ways

  1. What brings true joy to you?
  2. How will you increase the volume of true joy in your life?
  3. How great a person will you be knowing that your joyful feeling is attainable at any time.
  4. How brilliant will your relationships with others if you assist them to find their joy, it’s win-win.

With Joy in your heart, every day is a great day.



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