Its #TakeASecThursday, be kind to yourself and to pause;
For the day that’s in it, lets look at that four-letter word LOVE.

Love Heart artwork on chalkboard TakeASecThursday Timesworth Coach

What does LOVE mean for you?
❓Is it intrinsic (comes from within you)?
❓Is it extrinsic (comes from external sources to you)?
❓Is it something you give, something you receive, something inside or all of these?

I find this definition of love really sits well with me:

⚜️Love is giving someone the power to destroy you & trusting they won’t use it.⚜️

I firmly believe that LOVE, like a piece of art, brings joy to more than just you when sharing it.

So today, #TakeASecThursday whatever your construct of LOVE is, remember it is something that is best shown and shared.



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