#TakeASecThursday today is “Presence”
So, “Take A Sec” and think about this one:
At your last meeting, coffee or catchup were you fully present or were you in just in somebody’s presence?

When we are fully present, we are completely engaged, focussed and attentive. The power of this focussed attention can be tremendous for you (in your space) and for the other people with you.

Take A Sec Thursday hand holding location point

There are two words that I believe get their meaning mixed and used interdependently without due consideration.

Very quickly you gather like-minded people who appreciate the respect been shown and reciprocate. Suddenly you are served with a wholesome “community” or “tribe” that develop deep connections and seek each other’s engaged company.

Like many busy people, I work on this area and I ask to be held accountable. This week, I’m going to get back to some mindful walking and putting technology away when at the meal table.

Why not share what are you going to do to connect and practice the engagement of being fully present?


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