We have done this before – yes!

We have the advantage 
– Dig Deep and let’s GO!!


Today it’s Resilience

Working through in an industry where sales fell by 60% during the last recession (2009-12) taught me the importance of resilience and the key position YOUR MINDSET holds with regard to get up and get going each day knowing the huge “adapt or die” measures were been taken by all companies. Today with Brexit, this is a critical consideration.

As a concept, #resilience can only come from the experience of adversity or hardship, and the greater the adversity the greater the resilience.

It was Friedrich Nietzsche credited with coining the phrase “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger” in the consideration that people who go through the hardship of training tend to improve their performance.

For the top #performers across all areas, the idea of resilience coming from adversity leads them to test their total capacity up to and beyond their known limits and grow exponentially as a result.

Now linking back to today, and to #TakeASecThursday, what will that mean for us?

What have you been holding back from; Be honest to yourself!
It could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual?

I’m sure you’ve a “BIG one” that could be addressed with the full knowledge that YOU after tackling it will be gifted afterwards with significant resilience to assist you rocking the next challenge out of the park.

Embrace the power the adrenaline has shot into your system even thinking about it, this is the “shoulder of giant” moment in your great life.

Boom! Level Cleared!

Loving the potential that resilience growth can bring for you all


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